Sell New York City in Your Sleep

New York City Vacation Packages Offers 24/7 Service on Your Website!

With a simple registration, we’ll provide you with a link for your website that takes YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMER to our unique NYC TripQuote Instant Vacation Planning engine. Your future client can browse through hundreds of hotel, sightseeing, museum, tour, restaurant, theater and transportation options to plan a perfect New York City vacation—and when they book it YOU’LL GET ALL THE CREDIT AND ALL THE COMMISSION!


The program is pretty simple. You place a link on your home page (for which we can design a graphic) that goes to a landing page that we’ve designed (click here to see a sample). From that landing page your web viewers can plan their New York City vacation, including hotel, theater, sightseeing, restaurants, museum admissions and even transportation.

When they complete a quote you will get an email detailing their quote. If they continue and book/reserve their vacation on line you will get another email detailing the transaction. NYCVP will process the booking and send you a confirmation with all the pertinent details. You will receive full commission when the client departs.


You earn commission on everything your client purchases on the NYC TripQuote TAAP link.


We will send you confirmation of your client's booking, including your client's address, phone number and email address. We understand the relationship between you and your client so we will refer any additional communications from your client back to you. We will send all travel documents to you as well.


To participate in the NYCVP TAAP program, simply fill out the form found here.


New York City Vacation Packages

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